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sábado, diciembre 23, 2006
18:12 by gustaph
No beautiful and unique snowflakes...

J: Here's Joan Rivers reporting live from the Santa Cruz capital city, RGT, Rio Gallegos Town.
M: Hello Mom! How is it going over there?
J: Oh, you, my little gargoyle, you won't buy what I'm seeing right now...
M: Oh, what, mother? WHAT!?
J: I'm standing in the most popular and commercial corner of the city, everybody's parading to the shops, cause of course, tomorrow's Christmas Eve!
M: Yeah, so what, you crazy old cow!? Everybody's doing that in the "free" and "democratic" part of the world...
J: Let me finish, you bloody child of mine! Here we've got brand new fashion concepts!
M: Oh... really? What?
J: Caps are what's in!
M: Caps?!
J: Pakistani woman style's what's hot!
M: Like, how come?
J: Cover the lower half of your face with a piece of clothe. Pendant cell phones and only the expensive ones!
M: Expensive brand new super stylish Motorola cell phones hanging from your neck? Who would have thought of that? They're geniuses!
J: Oh, girls, you add some spangles and strassy little stones to those jeans, you'll know what it feels like to be a super hot top model like Tyra!
M: Tyra who?
J: And you never forget about those classy classic running pants, "joggin'" -that's what they call it nowadays...- blue, red, black, worn-out grey, former black, all colors are in! They never ever fail ya!
M: So, like... if you just woke up and...
J: Buy second-hand Levi's and Bensimon branded stuff and pay them twice the orginal price of a first-hand piece! It's just like throwing away your money out the window!
M: Like... you just woke up and didn't know what to...
J: I'm telling you people... this is the new capital of fashion!
M: Let me finish! ...so, you didn't know what to wear and...
J: Oh, here's a little fashionable girl! Tell me, honey, what are you wearing? Who is this?
LFG: Eh... me lo compré ahi en... Casa Blanca... ahi.
J: Oh my godess, she's so cute!
M: Mom! I'm talking over here!!
J: You fatty immitation of a transexual... This is it for now, I'll keep on taking a look at all those super stylish styles! Gwen Stefani should come to write her next album in this place! Back to you, Melissa!
M: Mother, you are a b*tch!

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viernes, diciembre 15, 2006
19:25 by gustaph
A todos mis fans...

Gracias a todos aquellos que hicieron posible este momento y a aquellos que no confiaban en mi y después tuvieron que meterse todas sus críticas por el orto, porque soy lo mejor que le paso al universo desde Madonna.

A los productores que estuvieron siempre de mi lado, y a los que no, que se vayan bien a cagar por hijos de rameras. A los cadetes que siempre tan eficientemente colaboraron con mi causa y con mi proyecto y sin los cuales, lograrlo hubiese sido mucho más difícil, excepto aquellos que no hacían bien su trabajo porque eran unos mierdas.

A la prensa, que me chupen bien ésta, porque se comportaron como unos cabrones, soretes y mal paridos cerdos, que con la que igual ésta todo bien, porque toda publicidad es buena publicidad.

Sin más qué agradecer, my gift to you.

...Paradise Kiss is over...

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